FOSS-ed for Hackers, a footnote

FOSS-ed for Hackers ended last week, and the entire geek blogosphere has been brimming with posts on the subject so I won’t delve much into it. Overall, it was a success. The participation was extremely good and the event was organized in style, thanks largely to Devaka.

The appearance of Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons was definitely the highlight of the show, and he did a very interesting talk that had me captivated. As usual, there was a lot of bumping into old friends and catching up, as it is common at events of this nature where geeks congregate.

Being the undisputed king of procrastination and, when the mood strikes, bad hair day, I waited until the last moment to finish my presentation, and just barely managed to cobble together the slides in time. Despite my grievances, I managed to complete the presentation with just a few cringe-worthy moments. Thankfully, I got a couple of good questions from the crowd during the Q&A session that just went to prove, despite my views to the contrary, that everybody in fact was NOT sleeping. You can find the slides here.

On a slightly different note, I was somewhat disappointed in the mole that I planted in the crowd to ask intelligent questions when the time came to relieve tension and get the questions flowing. As anticipated, the mole failed to deliver and is now expected to refund the downpayment at earliest convenience.


Chicken, meet egg. Egg, Chicken. Egg. Chicken.

Lately I’ve been stuck on z/OS, among other things, and managed to somehow fill up my allocated quota of disk space with considerable ease. But here’s an interesting dilemma, clearing up some space isn’t all that easy. Apparently, it doesn’t let me delete files because there is not enough disk space. Now there’s a paradigm shift for you.

I watched an old mainframer hacking away at his terminal and it was the coolest thing I ever saw. His terminal had a cross hair on the active cursor position and as he worked it looked as he was playing a shoot em up, minus the blood, gore and 3d graphics of course. It all happened so fast I was scrambling to keep up with what he was doing, and was a hopeless, awestruck noob. MVS is NOTHING like UNIX. Thanks to something called USS, us *nix folk can feel comfortable and safe in a familiar environment where all the UNIX paradigms hold true, shielding us from the bloody unreal MVS arena where those damned cross hairs follow our every move.

Later that day, I IPLed OS/360 on my hercules emulator. More on that in a later rant.