A Dapper Weekend

Last weekend was eventful than most. My weekends are generally spent lazing around at home watching entire seasons of sit-coms back to back. The LUG has had an active week with a LUG-ercise taking place at Mount Lavinia beach where a bunch of LUGgers and their families met up with the express intent of socializing. Geek-talk was strictly forbidden (which made some of us very uneasy). After a couple of attempts at sports, I realized that I wasn’t cut out for strenuous physical activity and instead decided to just chill for a bit.

Kosala built a replica of the Fortress of Mordor (to scale) that was widely acclaimed by the gathering as an engineering masterpiece that was probably visible from space, and his talent was matched by Anuradha R who built Minas Tirith (also to scale) adjoining the behemoth of Mordor. To add the final touches to these masterpieces in sand, Mahangu dug a massive hole in the center of the Fortress. ‘Nuff said.

On Sunday, the Ubuntu Dapper Drake release party took place at Excel World where I dist-upgraded to dapper over the free wifi and did some work on my BF interpreter that I’ve been too lazy to debug. Had several shots of Espresso at the coffee shop and as a result spent the better part of the day (and night) in a state of agitation.


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