Came across Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman at Vijitha Yapa and purchased it almost immediately. I distinctly recall reading a story called tar-baby or something like that when I was a kid. I found it absolutely hilarious back then, as I did a lot of things that seem boring and mundane to me now. I guess I was a six year old with a much less jaded outlook on life. Anansi is a trickster god in African folk-lore and it is said that he could never be captured (or something like that), and all it took was a tar-baby with some attitude to bring him down. I don’t recall much, but whatever it was, it was funny as hell. Any six year olds reading this would probably know what I’m talking about.

In some ways, Neil Gaiman, like Anansi, is King of All Stories. Loved his American Gods, which incidentally features Anansi’s Norse cousin, Loki, Neverwhere – which was just awesome! and Smoke and Mirrors. I have yet to read Stardust and rumour has it that there’s a movie in the making.

For those inclined towards cyber stalkery, here’s Neil Gaiman’s blog.


4 thoughts on “Anansi

  1. Absolute genius. Maybe getting a little lazy and full of himself though, with the recent (well, last year) publication of a book-length interview called “Hanging Out with the Dream King”. Nice Tori Amos reference, though. Last year also saw his movie “MirrorMask” which was visually gorgeous but felt like the self-indulgent fantasy of a 14-year-old goth chick.

  2. Anansi boys is a return to form, but Gaiman desperately needs a new story to tell.
    Just about all his books go like this: “Ordinary man finds himself in strange and magical world and does not understand the rules. As he learns them, he triumphs and finds his place in that world.”
    Sure they’re all lovely along the way, but it would be nice to read a new story.

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