From Mahavilachchiya, with love

I’m at Mahavilachchiya right now, at the Horizon Lanka Foundation, with the FOSS-ed on Wheels troupe. So far the experience has been breathtaking.

Yesterday, we were at the Kekirawa Central College where we talked to a group of individuals eager to learn about FOSS. This group was very diverse, from teachers to school students, equally eager to try new tricks. I spoke to a group of students during a small break and since then I’ve been repeatedly telling everyone how great those kids were. One in particular, was an extremely enthusiastic lad and I kept wishing I could do more to help these kids.

Horizon Lanka Foundation is running a school here, in a very organized fashion. One of the first things we saw when we entered the premises was a large group of students organized neatly in ranks, all wearing yellow uniforms and looking very subdued. I was able to mingle easily with the students in my matching yellow t-shirt. Nobody believed my exclaims of coincidence.


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