Grab. Squeal.

Last weekend, I stumbled upon a hardcover titled “The IBM Cobol Environment” at the Westborough library which was in mint condition, despite the fact that it was printed in 1984.

And it was just one dollar!!

To it’s merit, it had one of the most readable introductions to JCL I’ve seen around. Work, and the impending doom of dental surgery has been keeping me away from books as of late, but I’m hoping things will change over the holidays.


Kill me. Kill me now.

If someone were to ask me which song from the Pink Moon album that I liked best, I would be completely at a loss. Cos they’re all so darn good. I’ve listened to them all so many times and yet it feels like a new experience each time. Especially “Place to Be”. That always takes me to a place I haven’t been in years. Why I want to go there, is a mystery to me, but there’s a certain warmth in languishing in misery during these cold, hard and troubled times.

Maybe I’m being a tad melodramatic, but Nick Drake can do that to ya.