Kudos to Randal

Well, it’s finally happened. All charges against Randal Schwartz have been expunged.

As I speak, perlmongers around the world are celebrating this joyous occasion by revisiting that particularly convoluted mess of perl code tucked away for a special occasion such as this.

More on Slashdot.


5 thoughts on “Kudos to Randal

  1. What I didn’t get was that the supreme court originally sent the verdict back for reconsideration but the lower court actually didn’t do anything about it.

    On the face of it, this seems a reversal of what the lower court had ignored in the first place.

    But yeah, he now gets to travel legally into places he couldn’t before (because of the conviction, he was IIRC barred access to certain countries). It only took 13 years :)

    Did you mean the Schwartzian transform? :)

  2. Drac, I was referring to ugly chunks of code that all of us have written at some point that we never want to see again, but would like to completely rewrite rather than trying to extricate from the mess. These tend to be the source of such fun filled nights of hair pulling and are usually warranted by special occasions.

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