I was under the impression that my thinkpad R50 had an IR port, but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it. I’ve been scouring every inch of my R50 all morning and came up with zilch. What’s strange is that IR was detected at some point in the past when I turned on my PDA but I wasn’t paying attention then and I haven’t been able to get it working since. And yes, I’ve recently purchased a PDA. A battered, old Sony Clie, cos it’s about time I got a little organized. And so far it has been working out well. I just wish I had gotten one sooner, but somehow the image of PDA wielding yuppies made the prospect undesirable a long time ago.

I deliberately went for the Sony Clie for several reasons:

1) It’s cheap.

2) I like the fact that it’s Sony.

3) Palm OS.

4) I don’t need most of the new-fangled features. All I need to do is manage lists and track events / meetings. Oh and rudimentary memo capabilities.

The SJ30 meets all the criteria. Although graffiti is pretty cool and easy to use, I prefer the pull up keyboard. I’m old fashioned that way.

Over the past few days, I’ve been using it exclusively, and daily TODO lists on paper is just a distant memory of more painful times. I still lug my battered notebook (the dead tree variety) to meetings to maintain my old fashioned, conservative, techno-Luddite image and synchronize notes to my PDA in the privacy of my cubicle.

Oh and I’ve installed Chess and Go so I can play while pretending to be planning my day.


3 thoughts on “Lists

  1. Funny that. I would have bought a SJ30 ages ago (when it was reasonably top of the range) if it were made by anyone else but Sony :)

    You forgot the battery life. My trusty non-new-fangled Palm OS PDA gives me about 3 weeks worth of use before a recharge.

    Weasel Reader ftw. There is also something called iSilo which is err.. non-free.

    Can I also interest you in Bejewelled, Bridge and err.. Memory? When I don’t have the patience to play chess on the PDA (because face it, the chess apps on the PDA are pretty horrible), I usually pull out one of those.

  2. The battery life has been acceptable so far for maintaining my small and generally unassuming lists.

    But you’re the type who prefer to read on a PDA I see, so the backlight factor comes into play. I’d rather use my Sony Reader for that. No backlight, which is a big bonus and the battery life can’t be beat. I know we have differing views on that :)

    Btw, this three weeks of battery life you mentioned, is that including all the reading time??

  3. Well, yes. But these days I just read for around half an hour or so before I go to sleep – so not a great deal of usage.

    So I guess that’s generally a battery life of about 10-15 hours with the backlight on medium? I’ve found that autoscroll really kills the battery quick – so I just mapped the keys to pgup/pgdown and “turn the pages” myself. Put another way, I generally have enough juice in the battery to last me on a flight from the UK to SL.

    Heh. I’m interested in the e-ink stuff that is being demoed now, even if it is made by Sony :) The backlight is the only dealbreaker, honestly – since I do read in lowlight/darkness. The anti-Sony thing is mostly because I refuse to buy their proprietary memory cards.

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