Still young after all these years

I’ve been obsessing over Neil Young lately, particularly his 1971 Massey hall performance of “Heart of Gold”. The first three minutes of that video is just him fiddling with his harmonica and making small talk with the audience. The simplicity and humility of such artists just strengthens my admiration, and is one of the reasons why I like that kind of music. He reminds me of Nick Drake from the album cover of Bryter Layter as he hunches over his guitar while playing the intro.

I love the intro so much that I’ve been trying very hard to play it on my guitar. The chords are pretty simple – Em, C, D and G and and the intro is pretty much Em and D and I’ve been practicing the chord changes all evening. It’s quite rewarding when it begins to sound like something you’ve heard so many times.

Now this would make a great un-birthday present <wink>

And here’s a great cover by Johnny Cash.

And here’s tabs and a guitar lesson.

Happy strumming!