Since I found Serenity

Just finished watching Firefly, and I think its just an absolutely brilliant show. I love the ruggedness, the fusion of the past and the present and of course the cast. Its not your typical run-of-the-mill squeaky clean space opera. In one scene, Captan Mal Reynolds gets into a duel over Inara. A duel, people. With swords. The setting is year 2517. Don’t think I blame the good old Captain, Inara sure packs a whole lot of pretty in that tiny little frame. But I digress. I love the twists, and the plots are beautifully woven, characters are well thought out and developed – I just loved it. Its almost 3am and I feel a strong urge to start watching it again from the beginning. Its a damn shame the show was canceled. Bet the nice folks at Fox were smoking something particularly nasty that day.

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